Born in Seoul, Korea and transplanted to Vancouver just one year later, Theo G. Kim has been here ever since. He received a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing from the University of British Columbia which landed him jobs with both the Vancouver Canucks and Grizzlies. Shortly after leaving those organizations he started his own ticket brokerage firm, but still felt unfulfilled.

Ever creative and with a continued love for the cinema, Theo saw his passion for films as a possible future. He decided to go back to school, and graduated from the Film Production Program at Vancouver Film School in April 2011. Finishing near the top of his class he was one of only six students selected to direct a Final Project film, based on an intensive pitch process.

He is currently working on a selection of comedy shorts that will hopefully entertain and make people laugh. With a passion for comedy, thrillers and crime films; his goal is to write/direct features in all three genres.